Lugi’s Rugby 10’s Tournament

Lugi 10s MRC men’s had a great showing yesterday Outplaying pingvin RC in the first game of the day 26-7 only letting pingvin Score in the last minute of the game
Second game of the day was vs lugi the boys played a good solid game and ran a way with the second win for the day.
Third game of the day was vs häljarp heroes which was a slamming victory for MRC Where most of the game where played at the häljarps half of the pitch and never letting them get in to the game.
So the boys where playing pingvin again for the final, pingvin picked up there game during the day and the final was a thight tough game that was decided in the last minute of play.
The boys played a great game but pingvin was unfortunately to strong in the finale and got the victory 12-17.
All in all the the men’s side had a great day showing of some beautiful rugby and showing the clubs in the region the Malmö is ready for the season to start 1.2.3 MRC

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