Malmö Rugby Club (Mens)

With more than 10 languages making up our proud men’s side it is safe to say that we are a vibrant, young and great group of men celebrating diversity through the wonderful sport of rugby! This year, the 2020 season, sees us introducing some new structures around our men’s team helping us go from strength to strength.

As we prepare for the upcoming season Coaches Dan Besley and Ricardo Moses have been putting the boys through their paces and testing them both mentally and physically on the field and in the gym. An approach of “as long as we are moving forward” is what keeps this team motivated and striving to reach their goals.

Expect to hear the men from MRC both on and off the field this 2020 season. Welcome to all those wanting to join.

Coach D&R


Manager Dan Besley

gbr United Kingdom
Current Team
Malmö Rugby Club (Mens)

Head Coach Ricardo Michael Moses

rsa South Africa
Current Team
Malmö Rugby Club (Mens)

Malmö Rugby Club (Mens)

Will KrauseMalmö Rugby Club (Mens)Number 800
Måns JacobsonMalmö Rugby Club (Mens)Fly Half00
Elysee PauperMalmö Rugby Club (Mens)Loose Head00
Erik HjörnebyMalmö Rugby Club (Mens)Hooker00
Jim WitherMalmö Rugby Club (Mens)Fly Half00
Billy JonesMalmö Rugby Club (Mens)Fullback00
Jens MöllerMalmö Rugby Club (Mens)Flanker00
Henrik FulgentiussonMalmö Rugby Club (Mens)Second Row00
Robin MathiassenMalmö Rugby Club (Mens)Hooker00
Jacob HartmanMalmö Rugby Club (Mens)Open Side Flanker00
Kieron ElofssonMalmö Rugby Club (Mens)Right Wing00
Tim LjunbergMalmö Rugby Club (Mens)Flanker00
Albin MalmbornMalmö Rugby Club (Mens)Left Wing00
Ivar LarssonMalmö Rugby Club (Mens)Centre00
Erik FranzenMalmö Rugby Club (Mens)Open Side Flanker00
Romain GoncalvesMalmö Rugby Club (Mens)Fly Half00
Admir MasovicMalmö Rugby Club (Mens)Loose Head00
Carmine UtriMalmö Rugby Club (Mens)Fullback00
Oliver ocaranzaMalmö Rugby Club (Mens)Left Wing00
Christian SjödhalMalmö Rugby Club (Mens)Second Row00

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